Granting workers paid and unpaid leave in sick cases for a period of 90 days in some cases

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that the Federal Decree-Law on regulating labor relations stipulated the right of the worker who completed the “probation period” to obtain a sick leave of no more than 90 continuous or intermittent days for each year, where the worker receives a full wage for the first 15 days of sick leave, and half the pay for the next 30 days, while the remaining period of the leave (45 days) is without pay.

The ministry stated, during its monthly electronic publication, "The Labor Market", that the law stipulates that the worker is not entitled to a paid sick leave during the probationary period, pointing out that the law permitted the employer to grant the worker this leave during the probation period without pay, based on a medical report. Issued by the medical authority that includes the necessity of granting the leave.

The law sets a period of three working days for the worker who suffers from a disease that is not caused by a work injury to inform the employer or his representative of his illness, and for the worker to submit a medical report on his condition issued by the medical authority.

The law and its executive regulations also specify cases under which the worker is not entitled to pay for his sick leave, and among these cases, the worker violated safety instructions in accordance with the legislation in force in the country, including instructions for crises and disasters, traffic and traffic regulations, or any safety procedures and controls specified in the facility’s regulations. Informing the worker of it and acknowledging its understanding and commitment to it, as well as the state of illness that arises from the worker’s misconduct such as his abuse of alcohol or drugs, provided that there is a report from the concerned authorities in the country proving that the illness resulted from the worker’s misconduct.

The law and its executive regulations allow the employer to terminate the worker's service after exhausting his sick leave, in the event that he is unable to return to his work, provided that he receives all his financial dues, in accordance with the provisions of the law and its executive regulations.