driving licenses

In this context, the Ministry of Interior in the State of Kuwait, hours before Friday, December 17, 2021, revealed the truth of news circulating on social media that the Kuwaiti authorities decided to suspend and withdraw private driving licenses from all residents of Kuwait.

On a related level, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior issued a new statement, in which it clarified that there is no decision or circular issued by the ministry recently regarding the suspension or withdrawal of driving licenses for residents in the State of Kuwait, explaining that all the news spread and circulated recently on the means of communication The social media regarding this matter is incorrect news,” according to what was published by the Kuwait News Agency “KUNA.”

On the other hand, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior stated through its recent statement in this regard that: What has happened is a routine routine procedure in which the General Department of Information Systems and the General Traffic Department coordinated the process of developing the system and updating the data of the previously issued licenses in order to ensure their fulfillment According to the conditions specified in Ministerial Resolution No. 270 / 2020 by replacing the old driver’s licenses and issuing new smart licenses in their place, stressing that it will withdraw all residents’ licenses they obtained illegally.