Hamdan bin Zayed

Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of the ruler in the Al Dhafra region, head of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, the authority has strengthened its Ramadan programs this year to reduce the repercussions of

The humanitarian conditions prevailing in many countries.

Two million, 113,330 people in the UAE and in 64 countries around the world benefit from these programs. Ramadan programs include iftar for the fasting person, zakat al-fitr, Eid clothing and mir

Ramadan and breaking the fast, with an initial cost of about 36 million, 803 thousand and 430 dirhams.

The Red Crescent Authority launched its seasonal Ramadan campaign under the slogan (Ramadan .. Continuous Giving) during the press conference it held today at the Emirates Pavilion at the Dubai Expo.

2020, to provide support and assistance to the categories and segments targeted by the authority inside and outside the country, and announced the details of the campaign that will come this year more comprehensive and keep pace with expansion

Quantitative and qualitative in its humanitarian programs and charitable projects.

The Secretary-General of the Red Crescent Authority, Dr. Muhammad Ateeq Al-Falahi, stressed that the authority’s programs and activities inside and outside the country are witnessing a steady growth, thanks to the directives of the leadership of the Red Crescent.

rational state.

He added: "This is evident from the scale of the Ramadan campaign, which we are about to launch today, aimed at supporting donors and philanthropists who are our support in alleviating suffering and improving

life and the preservation of human dignity, and they are also our help in combating poverty, hunger and disease, and strengthening the infrastructure for basic services in many countries.

Al-Falahi said that the activities of the Ramadan campaign for this year are aimed at strengthening bridges of communication with the country's benevolent society and strengthening areas of partnership with all its sectors to support the efforts of our authority.

The National Committee at home and abroad, and to achieve its aspirations to expand the umbrella of the beneficiaries of its services, to explore wider areas of exertion and to provide greater care for the weak segments and owners

needs and needy families, and making a qualitative shift in our programs and moving them to a more effective way in improving life and reducing the burden of suffering.

Speaking at the press conference, the Deputy Secretary-General for Marketing and Resource Development in the Red Crescent, Hammoud Abdullah Al-Junaibi, said: "As we prepare to receive the best months, we seek

Strengthening the spirit of human solidarity by providing the opportunity to participate in our programs spread inside and outside the country, where hundreds of thousands benefit from the Authority’s Ramadan programs.”

Thanks and appreciation to the authority for the sponsors of this year’s campaign, which are the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company “ADNOC”, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Etisalat Company.

Carrefour, Dolphin Energy, Al Masaood Group, Abu Dhabi Media and Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society.

For his part, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Local Aid Sector in the Red Crescent, Salem Al-Rais Al-Amiri, said that 1,450,438 people at the state level are benefiting from programs

Ramadan this year, with a value of 21 million, 303 thousand and 430 dirhams, and he indicated that one million and 151 thousand and 600 people benefit from the fasting breakfast program during the month at the state level.

With a value of 11,516,600 dirhams, 44,928 people benefit from the Ramadan Meer, which provides the main food needs of needy families and people in need.

At a cost of 4 million and 241 thousand and 230 dirhams, in addition to 51 thousand and 810 people benefiting from zakat al-Fitr at a value of 4 million and 315 thousand dirhams, in addition to two thousand and 100 orphans

They benefit from Eid clothing at a value of 630,000 dirhams, and the authority distributes meals to break the fast to 200,000 people during the holy month, at a value of 600,000 dirhams.

Externally, the Deputy Secretary for Development and International Cooperation in the Red Crescent Authority, Fahd Abdul Rahman bin Sultan, explained that 662,892 people in 64 countries benefit from programs

Ramadan, at a cost of 15 million and 500 thousand dirhams, where 542,645 people benefit from the fasting breakfast project, while 88,744 people benefit from zakat al-Fitr, and 31 people benefit from the project.

One thousand and 503 people from the Eid clothing, worth two million dirhams.

The press conference was also addressed by Ahmed Salem Al Rashidi, Regional Head of Real Estate Finance, Member of the Sustainability Council at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, stressing the continuation of cooperation between

The bank and the authority through the Ramadan campaign in order to consolidate the concept of giving and charity.

He said: "Participation in the campaign is an opportunity to support the process of giving in the country in line with the directives of our rational government to establish concepts of goodness and provide support to the weak segments and those in need.

families benefit.

Aida Al Shamsi, Director of Human Resources at the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society, also spoke at the press conference, stressing that the association is an integral part of the fabric of the Emirati society, and the initiatives

Humanity was and still is at the heart of the association’s work, which always seeks to direct its energies and capabilities in order to support humanitarian initiatives and give back to the society to which we belong.


She said: "In this context, we have supported many campaigns and charitable institutions, and established continuous cooperation agreements with a number of educational and humanitarian bodies that are concerned with initiatives.

humanity and society.

In addition, the Director of the Government Relations Department at Abu Dhabi Media Company, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Shehhi, confirmed that the Ramadan campaign is an important qualitative initiative, within the framework of strengthening the fields of humanitarian giving.

which has long witnessed a significant contribution of the United Arab Emirates and its wise leadership, and it is also no secret that the campaign targeting these groups outside the country also confirms the fact that the state

The UAE was and will remain, one of the most important donors of humanitarian aid, through the belief of its wise leadership in its role in this framework.

He added: "We at Abu Dhabi Media Company, and as a media partner for the "Ramadan .. Continuous Giving" campaign for this year, and through our media and social responsibility, we will harness our platforms

media to support the efforts of the state and those in charge of the campaign.