Because of his suffering from his manager’s intransigence against him, reprimanding him and threatening to deprive him of his financial rights in conjunction with his passing through financial hardship that strained his psychological peace, one of the employees working in a customer service company in Egypt ended his life and threw himself from the third floor while working after the reprimanded phrases that the manager said to him and deducted four days of his salary due to the increase in the number of times he goes to the bathroom for long periods.

In this context, one of the employees working in the company in question, whose name is Rashwan Al-Baghdadi, gave a press interview in which she revealed that the incident took place last Tuesday, and the company’s officials ignored the incident, which was the reason for her intention to talk about the matter on social media, advertising, and newspapers. In order not to lose his right, according to what was published by Al-Watan newspaper.

On the other hand, the woman made a telephone interview with one of the television channels, in which she revealed that she arrived at the workplace immediately after the incident and the death of her colleague Noureddine, explaining that the reasons for ending his life were the bad treatment of his manager and his continuous reprimand and deduction of several days from his monthly salary in addition to His threat of dismissal from work in conjunction with going through a great financial hardship Zakan is waiting to receive his end of service gratuity to be able to pay off his debts, which have exhausted him financially and psychologically.

At a time when the victim was going through financial hardship and was waiting for the annual reward to pay off his debts,” according to what was broadcast by MBC Egypt.

Another colleague of his explained that during the past week, the manager antagonized him and informed him of the matter, deducting 4 days from his salary due to frequent use of the bathroom, despite his recent health conditions and his diabetes, explaining that the company’s management was deliberately forcing him to resign and depriving him of obtaining an end bonus the service. which is due to be disbursed in February.

It is worth noting that the incident is under investigation by the Egyptian Public Prosecution.