Corona virus
Corona virus

Urgent Health »Setting dates to examine all citizens and residents who were in Iran during February».

Corona in Bahrain
The Bahraini Ministry of Health sets deadlines for examining all citizens and residents who were in Iran during February.

Within the framework of the national campaign to combat the Corona Virus "Covid 19", the Ministry of Health announced that it will set dates to examine all citizens and residents who were in Iran during the month of February, in order to ensure their health and safety and ensure that they are free from infection with Corona Virus (Covid 19).

The Ministry called on all citizens and residents coming from Iran or who visited it this month to call 444 to schedule the examination date, noting that all citizens and residents must comply with the implementation of all instructions and instructions issued by the ministry to ensure the safety of everyone and the need to follow the precautionary measures, and what has been announced from Preventive measures in accordance with international standards, and all who visited Iran in this February must remain in their residence in a separate room, until scheduling the date of the examination and following the instructions that will be given to them by the medical team, with the need to avoid mixing with other.

Corona in Kuwait
Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah said that the Ministry will receive this morning Al Khiran Tourist Park in the south of the country, which contains about 236 chalets, for use as an additional quarry. He explained that «the precautionary measures require the Ministry of Health to take all the preparations, especially that about half a million have left Kuwait during the national holidays and will return to it, and therefore must be prepared for that, especially since the developments related to the virus are accelerating on a daily basis,” adding that «the choice of the place came to prevent mixing Returning from high-risk countries such as Iran, China and others, with returnees from less dangerous places »

Corona in the Emirates

Since the announcement of the spread of Corona virus Covid-19 in China, the relevant health institutions have taken many preventive measures and measures to besiege the disease and prevent its transmission by activating the epidemiological investigations that immunized the community from the virus, and also applied the necessary standards for screening people with influenza in medical facilities. Rapid diagnosis and prompt reporting of all suspected cases, and the creation of modern laboratories to examine and detect the new virus, as well as active epidemiological investigation of potential contacts of infected people, in accordance with World Health Organization standards.