Here’s how to get your move permit in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi police said they would allow residents to exit during sterilization periods, but a permit to move around must be obtained first.
You can leave from 10 pm and 6 am in Abu Dhabi.

In tweets, the police stressed the importance of obtaining the permit before going out, and if it leaves without permission, it will be subject to fines.
But if you go out during sterilization times without a permit for an urgent reason, such as going to the hospital or going to the pharmacy, you will need to provide evidence to prove this.

They also asked the institutions that have employees working during the sterilization time to provide the names of the employees, as well as provide the numbers of their license plates to the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee.

The tweets said that the cars of workers in vital institutions will be exempted from the violation systems.

The permit, which gives you just one hour to wrap up what you need to do, can be applied for online