Human Resources reveals the second batch of professions in which residency has been suspended
Human Resources reveals the second batch of professions in which residency has been suspended

The Ministry of Human Resources in the Kingdom revealed again the second batch of professions that have suspended residency for all foreign expatriate workers in the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Labor in the Kingdom revealed the first batch of professions that residency was suspended in, in light of Saudi Arabia's insistence on localizing professions in it, through previous decisions in implementation of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 announced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

What is new in this matter is that the Ministry of Labor clarified that all occupations in which work will be stopped for expatriates in order to alleviate the severity of the economic crisis and change the pattern of the labor market in Saudi Arabia.

Hence, a large variation has recently emerged in the rate of employment of expatriates in Saudi Arabia, compared to the number of Saudi citizens available to fill these jobs.

Here in this report are the names of the professions in which the residency will stop. The first of these occupations comes in the Tourism Department, Sales Director and Director of Events and Conferences Sales, and the number of Saudis is not less than one employee in the following professions, if any, for each facility.

Emiratisation also included (Food and Beverage Supervisor, Room Service Supervisor, as well as Banquet Department Supervisor, Laundry Supervisor, and among these professions, Deputy Hotel Manager, Assistant Director of Information Technology Department, Department Manager and Assistant Director of Sales Department, Representative, Administrative and Sales Representative.

All this is in addition to the profession of health club supervisor, general services supervisor in a hotel, goods receiving clerk, room service request recipient, restaurant or cafe host, tourist information clerk, executive secretary, general administrative clerk, administrative employee, administration coordinator.