Identity and nationality .. 5 factors that enable foreigners to reside in the UAE permanently

Today, the Emirati identity and nationality were approved, 5 new factors so that all foreigners can reside in the Emirates permanently and continuously, the news from the Emirates Today newspaper, here is the text of it.

Today, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security in the Emirates has identified five new procedures and factors that those wishing to come and reside in the UAE must follow in order to continue to stay in a formal manner on its lands.

In the first details, the issuance of an entry permit from the authority, as well as the submission of a medical examination, as well as the issuance of a health card from the UAE Ministry of Health, and the application of an identity card, as well as the issuance of residency, and finally obtaining an identity card.

Hence, the Identity and Nationality indicated today on its website that it offers departure service packages to residents who intend to cancel their residency, as they must cancel their residency with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship before leaving the country, and the customer’s identity card will be canceled, and it has indicated that there are eight duties And factors that the identity card holder must abide by, based on what is required by the public interest.

Identity and Nationality sets out 5 procedures that enable expatriates to reside in the UAE officially

This is in light of what was stated in Federal Law No. (9) of 2006 regarding the population registry and the identity card and its executive regulations, the most important of which is not to tamper, erase, modify or distort the identity card, to carry the identity card at all times, and to show it when requested from him in accordance with the law, To abide by the deadlines and legal procedures to renew, replace or hand over the card.

In this context, I have completed that it is among the duties to notify the competent department in the authority of any change in the data contained in the identity card within a month from the date of the occurrence of the change, and to notify the authority through the affiliated registration centers within a week from the date of knowledge of the occurrence of this loss, and he must submit A request to extract a replacement for it.

And also the payment of the prescribed fees, accompanied by an undertaking that the card is not mortgaged or seized by any party, and in turn, it indicated that in the event that the identity card is completely or partially damaged, so that it becomes unusable, the nearest registration center should be notified of the damage within seven days from the date of the damage. Knowing of its occurrence, and he must apply for a replacement for the damaged one, and pay the prescribed fees. The owner or holder of the identity card may not mortgage or seize the card with any party, except on the basis of a decision or judicial ruling issued by a competent court.

Finally, the Identity and Nationality warned that anyone who finds an identity card that he does not have the right to legally possess must deliver it immediately to the nearest registration center or the nearest police station, and all ID card holders must adhere to and abide by the above circular, and act accordingly. The guardian or whoever legally represents the card holder shall bear the responsibility for carrying out the duties referred to above in this statement.