Implementation of new procedures in passports in the UAE after two weeks

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security announced the issuance of the new generation of the Emirati passport, as part of the final phase of the project to develop the new generation of passports and identity cards, which was launched in June 2021 in the framework of achieving the strategic objectives of the authority and within the path of enhancing national goals and providing them with competitiveness International.

Ali Muhammad Al Shamsi, head of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, said that the new generation of the Emirati passport comes within the framework of achieving the vision of the UAE government to consolidate the Emirati identity and keep pace with the latest technologies in the field of issuing passports, and to provide innovative services to identify personal identity according to the latest international standards. Pointing out that the project aims to enhance the flexibility of doing business related to individuals within the various state institutions, in a way that raises the quality of life for citizens and provides a travel experience that enhances the status and leadership of the state.
He emphasized the authority's keenness to develop its future services in line with the future directions of governments worldwide.

Work will begin on issuing the new Emirati passport from September 1, 2022, which represents a new technological leap in line with the directions of the wise leadership to enhance the march towards the smart government to maximize the civilized position of the United Arab Emirates within the various government services provided and to meet the latest security and technological requirements in proving identity Personal.

The new version of the UAE passport enjoys unprecedented technical characteristics and highly complex security specifications to reduce counterfeiting or forgery attempts. It is also distinguished by printing the identification page of its holder using polycarbonate instead of paper, which increases the efficiency of specialized printing supported by images and security signs that are not visible to the eye. The abstract, especially as it is characterized by its thickness, which prevents the possibility of damaging it, in addition to its ease of processing using readers at the ports, in addition to the uniqueness of the new generation of the UAE passport with high quality and speed when printing using laser technology and three-dimensional physical elements.

Raising the security standards of the UAE passport and supporting it with the leading technical specifications in the field of travel is an essential step that enhances the efforts made by the authority to achieve various security and safety requirements when traveling or transiting through international travel points, and supporting the diplomatic efforts of the UAE, which succeeded in highlighting the strength of the passport The UAE passport over the past years has become the most powerful passport in the world.

Passports of the previous generation are considered valid and their holders can use them for travel until the expiry date of the passport approaches, while it is possible to apply for renewal for the new generation upon entering within the renewal entitlement period specified 6 months before the expiry date recorded in the document. The new passport is considered an extension of the previous one without any change in the prescribed fees or the channels designated for providing services for issuing or renewing passports through the website or the UAEICP smart application.

It is noteworthy that passport holders must verify the validity of their documents for a period of no less than 6 months before they go to travel, while they can issue passports while abroad, through the country's embassies and consulates affiliated with it.