Important circular for drivers regarding traffic violations

The traffic expert and executive director of the “Saed Association” to reduce traffic accidents, Jamal Al-Amiri, identified three categories of the most frequent traffic violations during the month of Ramadan, the first category lost focus and attention as a result of staying up until the early morning hours, and those with nervousness as a result of stopping smoking during fasting, And those who take medication because they have chronic diseases.

He explained to "Emirates Today" that drivers should take care and caution in the month of Ramadan, because of the lack of concentration as a result of staying up late in the morning hours and going to work, not taking some sleep, and driving their vehicles without concentration, which may lead to the commission of traffic violations, such as Wrong overtaking, excessive speed, and not leaving enough safety distance between vehicles that cause collision with other vehicles on the road, so they must take enough rest to avoid traffic accidents.

He pointed out that for people who suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, blood pressure, and others, they must regulate taking medications, and in the event of feeling sick, it is preferable not to continue driving, to stop on the shoulder of the right road, and to call for an ambulance, because continuing to drive will lose them focus dramatically. fast, and they may cause violations, and traffic accidents on the road.

He stated that most smoking drivers feel poor concentration and nervousness, during the day in Ramadan, due to stopping smoking, which leads to poor concentration, nervousness, and quarrels between them and other drivers over priority of the road, in addition to their commission of traffic violations, as a result of excessive speed and wrong overtaking. In order to reach home as soon as possible in order to take a rest or before breakfast, noting that all drivers while driving must make sure that they are fully prepared to drive vehicles in a way that raises the level of traffic safety on the road, to avoid any traffic violations or accidents.

He pointed out that any driver should not make fasting a justification for the violation, because one of the most prominent violations and negative behaviors that spread in Ramadan before breakfast is not adhering to the specified speeds, breaking the red light to catch up with breakfast, and exceeding the prescribed speed on the road in violation of, so the driver must Drivers keep away from irresponsible behavior.