Important ministerial circular to citizens and residents regarding corona vaccine certificates

A few hours ago, an important new ministerial circular was issued to citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates regarding Corona vaccine certificates "Dubai Health" calls on everyone not to publish the vaccination certificate through the means of "social media".

The Dubai Health Authority has asked its customers not to publish their vaccination certificate, through social media and platforms, in order to preserve the confidentiality of their data, stressing not to share private data and information with strangers. The authority explained that each person's vaccination certificate contains a code (code) that includes personal data and information for each customer, which anyone can view by simply scanning the code. She stated that most of the transactions have become electronic, so we have to be more careful when using our personal data, especially as it contains health and personal data, which can be badly exploited by strangers.

The authority has identified several ways to protect personal data, including the need not to share private information with strangers, and not to share the one-time password (OTP) when using the website with anyone else, as well as not to share electronic access data, and not to save the access code on the phone. for automatic entry.

The authority stressed the need to verify the website link before entering any type of data, and not to share private information on social media channels.

And she stressed the need to deal with personal information with great caution, especially with the development of modern technology, and the possibility of using it incorrectly, as well as communicating with the competent authorities in the event of any problem related to information and private data.