Important police warning to all travelers about airline tickets

A few hours ago, in the United Arab Emirates, an important police warning was issued to all travelers regarding airline tickets. In this context, the Dubai Police warned against filming the plane ticket and publishing it on social media.

Colonel Saeed Al-Hajri, Director of the Anti-Cybercrime Department at the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation at Dubai Police, warned that some travelers film the boarding ticket and publish it on social media, especially if it is for the purpose of showing off if the traveler is using first class or business class.

Al-Hajri stated that through this image, all the person's data can be accessed, and there are many specialized gangs on social networking sites to exploit the moments, photos and videos that the person participates in to commit crimes.

Al-Hajri pointed out that some people’s obsession with publishing all the details of their lives with the aim of increasing followers and sharing the smallest details made many easy prey, and that some people’s recklessness and indifference to the matter and their appreciation of the size of gangs specialized in analyzing information and data, including travel information and leaving home or information about the welfare of living or obtaining data A character from the "barcode" on the boarding ticket makes the possibility of crime even greater, according to Al Bayan newspaper