Important statement from the Emir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad, about foreign workers and Arabs in Qatar
Important statement from the Emir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad, about foreign workers and Arabs in Qatar

His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Emir of the brothers and sisters, members of the Shura Council, I congratulate you on the occasion of the opening of the new session of your esteemed Council, wishing you all the best and payment in the performance of your duties venerable.

We appreciate your valuable contributions to the enrichment of national action, not only in the legislative field, but also in the opinion of enlightened participation in the follow-up of government performance, and various development plans.
As you know, we are, in the context of the completion of the constitutional requirements for the election of members of the Shura Council and the exercise of legislative powers under the Permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar, we have issued the Emiri Decision No. (27) for the year 2019, to extend the period of the distinguished work of your council two years Maladetyn starting on July 2019 to 30 June 2021 And Emiri Decree No. (47) for the year 2019, to establish and form the Supreme Committee for the Shura Council elections and determine their terms of reference, Prime Minister, to oversee the preparation for the elections of the Shura Council, and the preparation of the necessary draft laws, and propose a timetable for the process of the election of members of the Council. . The election date will be announced upon the end of the elections.
It has been taken into account in determining the duration of two years that the constitutional procedures required include the numerous version of important laws and legislative tools, including a system of election law, which sets out the terms and procedures for nomination and election, and the decree determining constituencies and their respective regions, and other necessary administrative procedures. . We will present to you, the nature of the existing laws, to be issued for approval in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

Brothers and sisters, for the third year in succession, the unfair siege, imposed on Qatar, continues with his unsuccessful practices of the Tyrrish of God, the unsuccessful practice of the Lord,
Thanks to our success, with the help of God, to contain most of its negative effects, to our approach to the Pacific and resolute in the management of the crisis, revealing all the facts related to the whole world, and our commitment to the independence of the political decision, in the face of trying guardianship imposed on us, as well as the strengthening of our bilateral relations with friendly and allied countries .
Since the crisis began, we expressed our readiness for dialogue to resolve differences between the GCC countries and in the framework of its charter on four grounds: mutual respect, common interests, and not to dictate foreign policy, and non-interference in internal affairs.
Qatari people stood Bchhamth known to stop one man in defense of the sovereignty of his homeland and principles, he is aware that compromising the independence of the decision leads to alienate the homeland itself and its wealth and its destiny.
Our national march went on, with concrete steps in the implementation of the development programs as set for them. . The gross domestic product (GDP) at current prices in Qatar during the year 2018 increased by about 15% and the non-hydrocarbon GDP by about 9%.
Adding to the importance that the government was this year seeking to restore balance in the general budget of the state, it worked to reduce public expenditures, without affecting the priority projects.
Honorable brothers and sisters,
I mentioned in my speech to your council, after the unjust siege imposed on us, that this blockade will strengthen our steadfastness and lead us to better deal with the new situations in which it caused. This is what actually happened .
Below I will focus on the most important initiatives, projects and policies that we followed, showing that we are behind us the negative effects of the blockade, and we are moving steadily towards achieving the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030.
We have benefited in the preparation of the second national development strategy of the first experience of a strategy, and we take into account the new regional situation, and what caused the great change in the energy market as a result of the discovery of oil shale and shale gas.
Reports indicate significant progress in the area of ​​economic diversification, the encouragement of the private sector, and the increase in the productive capacities of the generation and distribution facilities, in addition to the production of electricity.
Significant progress is being made, but much remains to be achieved in the areas of economic diversification, food and drug security, renewable energy, and frankly enlarging.
For the legislative tools necessary to achieve reforms, issued at the beginning of this year, an important bill aimed at reorganizing foreign investment in economic activity, provide facilities and incentives to them. The simplification of bureaucratic procedures must be included within that.
As a decree issued a law regulating the stocks of food and strategic commodities, and a law on support for competitiveness of national products, and combating the harms We have to protect the domestic production achieved by the local industry while observing its quality and improving it at the same time. Also, we are in the process of issuing other laws regarding partnership between the public sector and the private sector.

As a result of efforts to reduce expenses while increasing efficiency shift large budget deficit in 2017 to a surplus and, despite spending cuts, the general state budget continues to focus attention on priority sectors, especially education and health, and investment in infrastructure.
We have been able to restore the country's reserves and bring them to levels higher than they were before the blockade. The Qatari Riyal has maintained its stability and value, despite numerous and systematic attempts to cause its collapse.
Qatar has maintained its strong credit rating from global rating agencies. We have also fulfilled our obligations in the field of money laundering and terrorist financing, and a law was issued in this respect this year.
The past year and this year witnessed an improvement in the energy sector, which will enhance the strength of the Qatari economy, and from its place Qatar in the Gaza market. We are on the right path to achieve a quantum and quantum leap in the production and export of liquefied gas.
As Qatar Petroleum continued in its march towards globalization, it became a participant in exploration and production in ten countries, including Africa and America, including Africa and America.
Energy will continue to be a major resource for wealth in Qatar and a source of financing for development projects. We will remain committed to upholding the rights of future generations.
As for the infrastructure effort with effort iPad visible achievements clear, both on the level of roads, bridges and tunnels or on the level of public parks and the general appearance of our cities.
The private sector has contributed to major projects, amounting to 27 billion riyals, during the past five years. It is assumed that the state will work to increase the contribution of the private sector to these projects in the future.
brothers and sisters ,
We cannot achieve the renaissance and bring our country to the ranks of developed countries. If we do not give much attention to mankind, it is the pillars of any renaissance. . The construction is not measured by the buildings and facilities only, but a capacity of human beings on the planning, construction and maintenance, and schools that teach, and universities that they graduate, and the quality of education, culture and values ​​prevailing, and ethics.
We are satisfied with the happiness of the state's ability to provide services and adequate standard of living, but we can not build a human if you consecrate a sense of entitlement, and expectations of the state does not end without a deep sense of duty of the individual citizen to the community and the nation. . He who does not give is not worth the value of what is received. Citizenship includes rights, not entitlements. . It is not only a statement of rights, but also responsibilities and duties, the first of which is to work with sincerity and devotion to all of them.
Rights, brothers and sisters, are not privileges or a sense of superiority arising from identity, or by unjustified condescension to others. . Humility is a sign of self-confidence, and respect for others is self-respect. . Citizenship responsibilities also require an appreciation of the hard work in building this country, including our fellow residents.
The Almighty says: "And all degrees of what they have done and let them do their work and they will not be wronged." . He also says: “Except those who believe and do righteous deeds, they have unpaid wages.” And our brothers who live with us in Qatar are not from him here, but thanks to their work, which cannot be forgiven, and the water is not permissible.
brothers and sisters ,