Corona virus
Corona virus

Doctors set 5 controls for families to safely exit with the spread of the Corona virus.

Specialized doctors called on community members to live their lives in a natural way, away from the fear and anxiety of the Coronavirus, and identified five controls and guidelines for going out on a safe family or individual picnic, based on taking preventive measures, stressing the need for all who suffer from any respiratory diseases to adhere to their homes.

Doctors stressed that the situation is not a cause for concern, as long as all adhere to the preventive measures and guidelines, which were set by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the World Health Organization, to prevent viruses.

The head of the Health Promotion and Education Department of the Health Authority in Dubai, Dr. Hind Al-Awadi, reported five controls and instructions that guarantee a safe family or individual outing, which is the necessity to follow preventive measures, such as: continuous hand washing, the use of alcoholic antiseptics, peace suspension, crunching and kissing, and shaking hands, In addition to maintaining a sufficient safety distance, ranged between one and two meters of people with respiratory infections, and the necessity of the obligation of any person suffering any respiratory infection home and complete rest.

She stressed the necessity of obligating children to cleanse their hands before and after using play areas and eating, stressing the need for community members to lead their lives normally, away from anxiety and fear, as long as the preventive measures announced by the official health authorities in the state were taken, and away from extracting information from sources other than Reliable.

For her part, Director of the Department of Public Health Protection at the Dubai Health Authority, the official spokesman for the health sector in the country, Dr. Badria Al Harami, called on members of society to live their daily lives naturally, without worry or fear of being infected with "Corona", stressing that the precautionary and preventive measures Implemented by the country's health authorities, it provides the utmost protection and prevention.

Community medicine specialist, spokesperson for the Emirates Public Health Association, Dr. Saif Darwish, called on individuals to adhere to preventive measures, such as: sterilizing hands continuously, moving away from sick people for at least two meters, and avoiding eye and mouth contact as much as possible.

The World Health Organization has set several guidelines for everyone to take to protect against viruses, namely the need to clean hands regularly, rub them with an alcohol disinfectant or wash them with soap and water to kill viruses, and keep a distance of at least one meter (three feet) between anyone who coughs or sneezes . She stressed the need to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth, especially after touching many surfaces, as it can catch viruses, and ensure that everyone and those around him follow good respiratory hygiene practices. The organization stressed the need to adhere to the sick person home, especially if he suffers from fever, coughing and difficulty breathing, seek medical care, contact the care provider before going to him, and follow the directions of the local health authorities.