King Salman urgent decision for all expats in the Kingdom
King Salman urgent decision for all expats in the Kingdom

The morning of King Salman issued a new decision for the first time, in the conditions of the sponsor, who counted the burden and burden of the scourge of the family.

They King Salman concern not die the hearts of all Alhamalh expatriate in the Kingdom a new resolution today morning, Edda to Farah flooded the hearts of all expats in Kavt throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and these decisions explained their chests after trading good news very among residents, Tnagulwha rapidly spreading like The wildfire, where expatriates found an outlet to vent from the long-term inhibition they had suffered during my stay. They are in the kingdom.
On the other hand, many within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia knows that the sponsor and the name of the sponsor has become coupled with authoritarianism, and control the other, and which it grew pregnancy and the burden on the hearts of all foreign workers, and extortion in some individual cases that have plagued many of the arrivals from Kavt throughout the Kingdom of Fa all suffer from the sponsor And the sponsor placed and the problems of the sponsor that do not end, as well as the arrogance where there is a palm Walaa thinks that he is the master of the expatriate, and he is the one who must walk it as he wants, or with a clearer meaning, he will do whatever he wants.
It is Mookd to sponsor the good fortune to get a Saudi nationality and this is what makes it reassuring to some extent, they do not know that Saudi Arabia is hit with an iron fist at the heart of all tempted to be contrary to order, or to flout foreign employment ie if nationality within the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, or trying to discredit the image of Saudi Arabia through some individuals who do not Not themselves, and this occurred sponsorship system and worked very hard on the development of what suits the Saudi labor market for the piece of His Excellency King Salman stature by issuing the following resolution.
In terms of the new decisions of King Salman morning talked about today and this report we will talk about the next surprise inside Saudi Arabia, and that it is the King Salman Subsidized continued for years past the arrivals and constant anxiety that does not end by each sponsor, Aabkm how to get a card and aphids, Free of sponsors, and there is no full fee for them, as paid by expatriates at the time. For current, this card has many features and many benefits, but to get them must be achieved Ballowavd many conditions.
The following decisions are made:
The basic conditions for the renewal of the card are that he has no security precedent, that he is free of diseases, and that he is not fed up with a boredom.
To be a newcomer in addition to the Kingdom and not a burden or from within the random employment and Alsaiabh offers a new thing, as it should to get regular residence and ensure its continuity for a longer period, and that newcomer is committed to pay the fees and not the violations and fines and fees due and as well as security problems.
That the expatriate be among the investors, that is, it includes the merchants who have business in the Kingdom, and that the amount is from the expense.