King Salman raised the minimum wage for migrant workers
King Salman raised the minimum wage for migrant workers

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today issues new amendments to the conditions of residence for expatriates, and opens the file of the minimum wage for the wages of the citizens, and for the citizens.

 King Salman issues the conditions and prices of the residence, renewing the residence for the year 2020 is one of the most important matters for all the expatriates within the income.
Based on the spectrum based on the Saudi government Ptnvez some new decisions of the day to the other add or modify prices and conditions for the renewal of residence for residents and expatriates in Saudi Arabia, and explain to you in the following lines all matters relating to the renewal of residence and their prices according to the latest updates from inside passports Saudi Arabia and another King Salman decisions.
Morning Saudi Arabia announced that the General Directorate of Passports on official passports Saudi Arabia on the terms of renewal of residence for expatriates for the year 2020 site, where you must each newcomer or resident in Saudi Arabia to make sure of the date of residence, and the need to renew the residence permit before the expiry to avoid exposure to Amoosalh Alguenonah or deportation, or penalization The residency is renewed through the gates of the Absher Gate, and through the next lines we will know the form of Quarterly fees for renewal of residence and conditions for renewal of residence for expatriate workers within the Kingdom.
Statement of residence fees 2020 in Saudi Arabia Renewal price of residence for expatriates SAR 650 for expatriates
Here is a statement of the change of profession fees of Saudi riyals 1000, the sponsorship transfer fees for the first time, 2000 Saudi riyals, and for the second time, the price of 4000 riyals, the price of 4000 riyals, the price of 6000 riyals, the price of SR 400,000 The cost of adding a baby born from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia amounted to SAR 2000.
Renewal fees for stay of 650 Saudi riyals for expatriates separately from the same amount for the resident facility. Issuance and renewal fees for the residence of accompanying residents after reaching the legal age of 18 years, amounting to SAR 500, fees for the change of 1000 riyals.
The renewal of the residence through the ATM is full of data through one of the means of renewing the residence by entering the link and the link to the interior
Payment of fees required by the bank. Login again to the Ministry of Interior's website and click on the name of the worker will show all of your data and ensure authenticity and registration of passport data and then move on another page press to agree to terms.
Exit visa prices and return 200 riyals for a two-month exodus, 100 riyals for each additional month.
Renewal and issuance of visa facilities for persons over 18 years of SAR 500.
The exit visa and his return for multiple trips is 500 riyals for a period of three months, and 200 riyals for each additional month, either for the final date.
Conditions for the renewal of residence for 2020 1- Health insurance. 2- Ensuring the payment of fees required from it. 3- Ensuring payment of traffic fines. 4- Compliance with the required conditions and the required papers for renewal.