The ruler of Kuwait: an important statement to raise the minimum level for citizens and expats
The ruler of Kuwait: an important statement to raise the minimum level for citizens and expats

Today, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, Prime Minister of Kuwait, ordered the raising of the minimum wage for each of the expatriate workers, and all workers for private companies in Kuwait, and for the amendment of the minimum limit for both citizens and expatriates residing inside Kuwait.

At the same time, Kuwait has signed with the company "Copper Fitch" today the company specialized in recruitment and consulting services for human resources and executive research in Kuwait and some of the Arab countries depends on this company, that salaries remain stable on a large scale in most sectors inside Qatar since a long time ago .

While I have mentioned in the Salaries Guide for the State of Kuwait at the beginning of the new year 2020, that salaries in Kuwait will remain fixed on a large scale in most sectors.

As we transfer to you on Al-Wasat newspaper the last official statement of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad in an official speech from today's meeting with the beginning of 2020, the minimum wage in Kuwait is fixed for both expatriate workers, non-expatriates and all state employees at the same time, however, the report distinguishes specific industries Preparing to experience the highest increase in market salaries for 2020 this year.

On the other hand, for salaries that were determined from the minimum wage according to the latest salary guide, salaries in the strategic services sector are expected to increase by 5%, while salaries in the investment management, manufacturing, technology and communications sectors will witness a modest increase of about 2%.

The founder and CEO of Copper Fitch, Trevor Murphy, has expressed his optimism that despite the limited salary increases, development projects in Kuwait will significantly boost the job market and create a new revenue stream in the coming months.

In terms of ongoing infrastructure projects amounting to millions of dollars, real estate, tourism and leisure projects in the beloved state of Kuwait constitute a strong push for the labor market. The salary index expects an average increase of 3% in all sectors.

All of this was mainly due to the profound changes taking place in Kuwait in terms of the domestic tourism field for Kuwait that keeps salaries fixed or rises in most industries on the other hand.

The notable improvements in the market salary increase for 2020 may include the strategic services sector, where salaries are expected to grow by 12%, closely followed by investment, sales and marketing management by 8%, and accounting and financing by 4.50%.

The salaries of banking and financial services, legal and investment administration, and the public sector are also expected to increase by 7.50%.