The Council of Ministers discussed during its meeting held yesterday the latest developments in the treatment, preventive and logistical services related to efforts to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, and after the end of the meeting, the Council issued several decisions, the most important of them.

1- Entrust the Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, with the completion of the health studies carried out by the Ministry of Health in the framework of assessing the health situation in the areas that were isolated in each of (Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh - Mahboula - Farwaniya) and extrapolating the indicators and rates achieved during the isolation period and presenting a comprehensive report to the Cabinet in His next meeting as a prelude to taking appropriate measures in this regard.
The decision of the Council of Ministers to suspend work in ministries and government departments ends, with work starting on Tuesday 30/6/2020 according to the conditions specified in the gradual return plan for normal life.
2- It is prohibited to roam in all regions of the State of Kuwait from eight o'clock in the evening until five o'clock the next day, and traffic is restricted to it in conjunction with the start of the second phase of the plan for the gradual return to normal life.
3- Entrusting the ministers, each within its field of competence, to implement the second stage of the gradual return plan for normal life, starting on Tuesday 30/6/2020.
Entrusting the concerned authorities with accelerating the taking of the necessary steps to address the conditions of the labor market in the private sector by proposing legislation and implementing the steps aimed at addressing the economic conditions in a manner that achieves the desired goals.
4- The establishment of the main committee to follow up the implementation of health requirements related to fighting the emerging corona virus, headed by the Minister of Health and the membership of a number of deputy ministries and general managers of the relevant government agencies to undertake supervision,

5- coordination and follow-up to monitor the implementation of health requirements and ensure serious commitment to them in various activities and sectors in order to reduce the spread of the epidemic and avoid its risks and effects. The Cabinet urged citizens and residents to adhere to health requirements and instructions to ensure the safety and health of all, stressing the need to adhere to them and not hesitate to take any necessary measures required by the next stage to reduce the increasing number of epidemics, including consideration to isolate some areas where the negligence of health requirements has emerged. This is according to the Kuwaiti newspaper