Kuwaiti Police
Kuwaiti Police

He married a brother to his sister ... a Saudi fraudulent committing shocking crimes in Kuwait!

The security services in Kuwait revealed a Saudi-born counterfeit, born in 1954, who acquired Kuwaiti citizenship illegally after the invasion by ruling of the Descent Court in 1993, and as a result of that he changed his name to the name of another Kuwaiti person, who later turned out to be dead.

According to the local Al-Rai newspaper, the Saudi fraudulent person obtained loans from several Kuwaiti banks, which he did not complete the payment of, as he later, after becoming a Kuwaiti, added his Saudi sons and his Saudi nephew to his nationality file as he is his son.

According to the newspaper, the cousin, who is registered as the son of the Saudi forger, requested the hand of his cousin (which in his papers became his sister), and the fact that the papers registered in Kuwait make them brothers, while they are registered in Saudi Arabia as cousins, the Saudi forger was forced to agree with a Kuwaiti Adding his daughter to the latter's nationality, so that she can marry her cousin, and indeed the addition and the marriage contract were concluded, so the daughter of the forger holds two Kuwaiti nationalities, and a Saudi nationality

It also turned out that the Saudi fraud has another daughter (a Kuwaiti woman) who married a Saudi woman and then separated from him, and after a while she died in a traffic accident in Saudi Arabia, but her death was not reported in the Kuwaiti name by her relatives in order to continue obtaining a subsidy in her name from the Ministry of Affairs under the divorcees clause . All those involved in this case were arrested, and they were referred to the prosecution.