Last decision from the Saudi Civil Aviation regarding the return of flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

The last decision of the Saudi Civil Aviation issued today, regarding the return of international aviation between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, within the framework of coordination between the two countries, to facilitate travelers and stranded people due to the conditions of Corona.

The last decision from the Saudi civil aviation, as today the Ministry of Civil Aviation continues continuous meetings with the competent authorities in the ministries of Hajj and Umrah and Saudi civil aviation to follow up on the return of flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia at their normal rates during the coming period.

With the increasing turnout of all nationalities to travel between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during the last few years, Dr. Engineer Ashraf Noir, head of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority, held a meeting with the Vice-President of the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority at the headquarters of the Aviation Authority.

To discuss the latest developments in the return of flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia in its form and normal rates during the coming period, in addition to getting acquainted with the latest developments regarding the date of Saudi Arabia’s opening of the honorable Umrah flights between the Egyptian and Hejaz airports, in light of the desire of millions of Egyptians to travel to the Holy Land.

In order to perform the rituals of Umrah, in accordance with the health and preventive conditions and controls that the Saudi health authorities will impose to enter their lands, in light of the continuation and spread of the Corona virus in various parts of the world since the first quarter of last year, where passenger and air traffic between Egyptian and Saudi airports has recently witnessed a noticeable increase in Passenger and air operating rates.

Whereas, the Egyptian authorities in all their airports implement all health and preventive safety standards for passengers departing to Saudi Arabian airports, diplomats and their families, and medical workers, in accordance with the precautionary conditions and controls stipulated by the Saudi health authorities.

Since the outbreak of the new Corona pandemic, the various airlines operating between Egyptian and Saudi airports, whether national or private, are also keen to implement all guiding and preventive controls for travelers to Saudi Arabia, where passengers must obtain a pcr certificate for non-Saudis and obtain the vaccination against the emerging corona virus. The Saudi health authorities are keen.

During the current period, to tighten operations, measures, and health and preventive inspections of all passenger delegations of various nationalities arriving at its airports, in light of the state of panic and apprehension that dominates the world at the present time, especially with the start of the fourth wave of the deadly epidemic in various parts of the world.