Launching the first insurance policy for expatriates

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration, announced the launch of the first insurance policy for Egyptians abroad next Monday, related to shipping the bodies and compensating families who lost their children

The Minister of Immigration directed, during her speech at the Coordination Salon of Young Parties and Politicians, which is held under the title: “Egyptians Abroad” successes, challenges and a contribution to the development of the national economy,” thanks to the Minister of Interior, the Head of Financial Control and the President of the Egyptian Insurance Federation, for contributing to the implementation of this urgent request. , describing the crisis of the death of Egyptians abroad as touching all of our hearts as well as the financial burdens

It should be noted that the Coordination Salon for Youth of Parties and Politicians was launched a short time ago, and is broadcast on the Facebook page of the Coordination of Youth for Parties and Politicians, the Minister of Immigration, Ambassador Nabila Makram, to talk about the strategy of communication and communication with Egyptians abroad that the ministry recently launched, in addition to talking about the Egyptians’ contributions to Abroad in the development of the national economy and the obstacles that some of them face in investing and proposing solutions to them