strong Storm
strong Storm

Dragon Storm hit Egypt and some Arab countries strongly and hit areas in the Gulf states

Dragon Storm hits a group of Arab countries:

Climate expert Khaled Al-Awad revealed that Saudi Arabia is awaiting a deep air depression with very downward pressures. The depression is now advancing towards Egypt, and the center is over the Libyan desert. In detail, “Al-Awad” explained that the elements accompanying this depression in the foreground are high clouds, an affinity for warm southern winds, low thunderstorm clouds, and heavy rains, which are expected to be affected by first - by the command of God Almighty - large parts of the state of Egypt, which will last for several days, and may cripple several days, and may cripple Some aspects of life there due to the abundance of rain and the accompanying heavy hail, and the activity of surface winds.

He added: With the passage of hours tomorrow, Thursday, the impact of the air depression will extend to Palestine, Jordan, most of the Levant and northwestern Saudi Arabia, then Al-Jouf and the northern border region, then south and east of the Medina and western Hail, then next Friday, March 13, 2020, will fluctuate - God willing - fluctuations Air is over most of the northern regions, and Tabuk, and may extend to Makkah Al-Mukarramah, including some coastal areas, as well as to Qassim less severe than Tabuk and the northern and western regions.

He continued: On Saturday, its impact will reach, with apparent weakness, in the northeast of the country. Generally speaking, there is strong expected wind activity from Al-Madinah Al-Munawara in the west to Arar, Hafar Al-Batin, the far north and the northeast, and the strongest day is Friday. He pointed out that "the depression is one of the low-caliber depressions, and the speed of donations may reach more than 140 km per hour south of Tabuk on Friday afternoon, so caution must be made." Traveling by road to Tabuk and Al-Jouf may be difficult due to wind, dust and rain on Thursday and Friday. God knows".

As for the weather in the UAE: Moderate weather, with dust and chances of rain.

With regard to the weather in Kuwait: Mild weather with dust and alarms from fog on the roads until morning.