Methods for submitting complaints and reports regarding the work of residents and labor offices

The head of the monitoring department for domestic workers in the ministry, Ahmed Al-Hosani, explained that “ensure that the system is implemented through more than one method, including monthly inspection visits, to monitor any abuse in the services provided, prices and guarantees guaranteed by law to employers, and through the secret shopper, and complaints and observations received. From dealers and community members, or through communications received from labor recruitment offices.”

He explained that there are four channels for submitting complaints to the recruitment offices, which are the call center at (600590000), the ministry's website, and direct attendance to customer happiness centers for people who cannot access the website, as well as access to the smart application. Ministry of Education (mohre) on smartphones.

Al-Hosani pointed out that the ministry holds periodic meetings with the owners of labor recruitment offices, to update information in the event of any amendments to services, or other guarantees, to ensure that members of society receive services in a distinctive manner and the rights guaranteed by the law of auxiliary services and its executive regulations.

In the event that violations and violations are detected by one of the offices, a warning is sent to it, and the focus is placed on it.

In the event of the violation being repeated, the necessary measures shall be taken against him, by fining him financially, or withdrawing services from him.

He stressed the need for offices to continue to be committed, to ensure the provision of distinguished services to employers and families in the country.