Ministry of Finance new list of categories exempted from accompanying fees

Exempted from accompanying fees, the Saudi Ministry of Finance announced that it has revealed many facilities in connection with the collection of annual accompanying fees, and an official source said that they intend to make some exceptions related to accompanying fees.

The Minister of Finance, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, said that the Kingdom, in turn, is committed to apply an exemption to a number of nationalities, from the monthly fees of expatriates and companions, in line with the Kingdom's announcement earlier in favor of preferential treatment of some nationalities due to their social and political conditions.

Saudi Arabia determines the nationalities exempted from the accompanying fees Syrian nationality, Yemeni nationality, and Amber nationality.

Al-Jadaan said that the exemption came in favor of the sons of these nationalities because of the difficult circumstances and political and social conditions in their country, stressing that the Kingdom always stands beside everyone who deserves it.

The date of the first payment of accompanying fees 2020

Fees for expatriates will be gradually increased to SAR 400 per person by the beginning of 2020, while the decision does not mention the fate of the fees after this date, the increase in fees may stop or remain the same.