New decision for all residents regarding residence examination

The Abu Dhabi Health Authority requires a “BCR” examination to enter the residence examination centers.

The Department of Health, Abu Dhabi, stated that a PCR examination is required to enter the residence examination centers, noting that in light of the efforts made to address the “Covid-19” pandemic, the centers providing medical examination service for expatriates to the country, for work or residence, are obligated not to Allowing non-dealing visitors and family members (adults and children) to enter these centers, and limiting attendance to customers applying for residency examinations, sponsors, and those who are in contact with them for the purpose of examination, vaccination or preventive treatment, in order to reduce overcrowding in these centers.

She stressed that all examination centers must alert all dealers when booking an appointment for the residence examination or preventive treatment to attend individually, and to show a negative PCR examination result that does not exceed 14 days.