Corona virus
Corona virus

Precautionary measures to prevent the new Corona virus from spreading in the region, and new decisions affecting citizens and residents of all Gulf countries.

All countries are taking precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of the Kiruna virus epidemic, as some Gulf countries have suspended flights to affected areas and subjected the suspects to Corona tests and quarantined them

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suspended entry to the Kingdom for the purpose of Umrah and visited the Prophet’s Mosque temporarily.

The Kingdom also suspended tourist visas for those coming from countries where the spread of the new Corona virus (19-COVID) poses a risk, according to the standards set by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom.

It also suspended the use of Saudi nationals and citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council states for the national identity card to travel to and from the Kingdom. And that, according to Al-Watan newspaper

The Kingdom also suspended the use of national identity cards by citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council states to travel to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Likewise, Kuwait, where the Kuwaiti Cabinet announced that all citizens should not travel outside the country except in cases of necessity, due to the consequences of the Coron virus
The Kuwaiti authorities also announced the adoption of new penalties for all who refrain from quarantine.