Official alert to car owners on the streets of the capital

The Integrated Transport Center in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, affiliated with the Department of Municipalities and Transport, issued an alert regarding abandoned or parked vehicles for more than a month in the yard designated for truck parking in the "M-18 Mussafah" area, and in the parking lots of floor buildings in Abu Dhabi, stressing the need for their owners to review the Regulation Department. Public parking spaces in the yard designated for truck parking, and the main control room concerned with the floor buildings, in order to update their vehicle data and pay the fees due from them.

The center explained that neglecting the process of updating the data of these vehicles, and not paying the due fees, will lead to taking the necessary legal measures in coordination with the competent authorities in the emirate.

The center requested the owners of vehicles parked for long periods in the yard designated for truck parking and the parking of the floors of buildings without paying the due fees, or without registering the vehicle information with the Department for the Regulation of Public Parking in the yard or in the control room related to the parking of floors buildings, which is inconsistent with the regulations And the laws, the necessity of complying with the law regulating public parking in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and not leaving their vehicles in a way that impedes the movement of vehicles inside the parking lots, or in the floor buildings, calling on the owners of these vehicles to cooperate in this regard, in order to avoid any legal procedures that may reach the sale of vehicles in the auction after the judiciary prescribed period.