Official circular regarding visa extension, residence permits and 67 e-services

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security has provided 67 smart services for the benefit of individual citizens, residents and institutions, in addition to priority services. This is done through its website and the UAEICP smart application, with the aim of facilitating customers and benefiting from smart services with ease and convenience, to save time and effort, thus enhancing the digital transformation of government services.

The authority provides 31 electronic services for individuals, citizens, residents and visitors in the country, including the services of issuing a multi-entry tourist visa, extending a multi-entry tourist visa, issuing and renewing a new identity card, amending entry permit data, canceling an entry permit, or canceling residence, renewing a passport, issuing Residence permits and other services for individuals.

The authority provides 26 various services related to institutions, including services such as amending a facility card, amending residence data, renewing a delegate card, multi-factor authentication and verification, identity verification through the digital authentication portal, digital signature and timestamp services, matching individuals’ data with identity cards and others. of services for institutional customers.

The authority also provides 10 priority services to serve customers, including issuing a new family book, amending the family book data, issuing or renewing residence permits, renewing an identity card, issuing an entry permit, and Mabrouk Mayak service. It also provides 3 packages for services related to life stages, namely, registration born, arriving in the UAE, and leaving the country; Where the new birth registration package provides all the information, details, obligations and conditions required to obtain an identity card for the new born in the country. Expatriates obtain a permit to enter the country and a health insurance card before they apply for an identity card.

Departure services packages provide conditions and obligations for residents who intend to cancel their residency; They must cancel their residency with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship before leaving the country to cancel the customer's identity card.

In another context, the authority launched an electronic advice to the public about the proactive services it provides to customers in the context of its keenness to take the opinions and suggestions of customers in order to improve and develop the services provided to them in the future.

She called on the public to enter via the link and answer all questions about the recently launched proactive services; The advice included questions about the extent of awareness of proactive services, the type of services that customers have provided and how satisfied they are with them.