Officially .. Allowing the renewal of incoming travelers' visas for an additional period

Renewing a visit and tourism visa without leaving the UAE:

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has announced new facilities for visitors and tourists to the UAE.
Facilities for visitors after the visitation permit expires:
I issued a decision granting visitors a new visit permit after the expiry of the entry permit for visit or tourism, without the need to leave the country, provided that the period of stay with the entry permit for successive visit or tourism does not exceed six months, in accordance with the regulations followed in the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
Application of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship:
It urged customers to use the application of the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity, as it indicated that it provides a package of citizenship, residency and identity services, which provides the appropriate environment for the user to submit requests through the smartphone application for citizenship, residency and identity services by using a type of account, without the need to visit centers Customer service to complete the submission of applications by installing the application.
Multiple-entry tourist visas for five years in the UAE:
It is worth noting that the Council of Ministers approved, at its last meeting, the introduction of a multi-entry tourist visa for a period of five years for all nationalities, with the aim of supporting the country's tourism systems for all nationalities, and emphasizing the position of the UAE as a global tourist destination for all.