From the Omani government to all members of the Tourism and Aviation Committee in the House of Representatives, requesting a proposal to the Prime Minister and Minister of Aviation of Oman to adopt the electronic airline tickets system to replace printed (paper) tickets, in line with the global trend of amendment, instead of the current system.

Where the Omani government said that the time for printed airline tickets has officially ended from all countries of the world, which tend to adopt an electronic ticketing system to ease the burdens on the country, as it achieves many benefits, it will save millions of currencies as for Omani airlines, and it is very safe for the health of citizens In light of the epidemic of the new coronavirus, or what is called the new Crohn virus, as it is all over the world.

The Omani government stated today in his proposal that the resumption of air traffic at all Amman airports since the beginning of July and the gradual return of flights with some Arab and international countries is a step in the right direction, noting that the plan prepared by the Omani Ministry of Aviation to resume air traffic deserves praise and appreciation because it is in line with the guidelines of the Aviation Organization Globalism.

In the same vein, a member of the Oman Tourism and Aviation Committee praised the report issued by the European Union's Aviation Safety Agency, in which he stressed that all airports are safe and serve the interests of the sector.

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For Omani Airlines:

first degree:

Passengers in this category enjoy a special and distinguished service, as Arab coffee is served to welcome them, in addition to enabling them to taste various foods and appetizers of high quality, and to obtain an entertainment system that includes a variety of visual materials, in addition to a gift bag that includes during the trip amenities and tools Decor, as well as spacious seats that can be electronically controlled electrically.

Business degree:

Business class: This degree is designed to take into account the requirements of business owners and owners, in order to provide them with the possibility of rest after the trouble of a practical task, or the ability to work and accomplish on board the flight by Saudi Arabian Airlines. .

Degree of Hospitality:

The degree of hospitality on board Arab Qatar Airways flights is of similar quality to similar levels on major aviation planes in the Middle East and the world, thanks to the presence of more comfortable and flexible seats for control, advanced systems of entertainment and communication, and the presence of a gift bag containing groups and tools for sleep and comfort granted in Some trips, in addition to a variety of meals on long trips, whether local or international.

Class of travel on Oman Air:

Oman Air offers 3 classes for travel:

First class: Passengers of this class get an atmosphere of luxury and spaciousness, including: Providing a private driver to transport the traveler to and from the airport, and the presence of a waiting room designated for them in many airports in order to relax or work in a calm atmosphere. And the traveler on this degree can convert his entire seat into a bed with a 180-degree aperture, and on some planes, first-class seats on Omani Airlines are provided with a massage system, and also the traveler on this degree has access to the Internet.

In addition, first-class passengers will enjoy a varied and special menu of food and beverages, along with distinguished hospitality from the cabin crew, and enjoy the entertainment system.

Business class: Passengers of this class get features similar to those in the first class, including the provision of a private driver to transport the traveler to and from the airport, the ability to fold seats 180 degrees to transform into a bed, while providing electrical control of the backrest, legs of the seat and seat depth, in addition to Energy sockets, as well as the enjoyment of the traveler a variety of meals and drinks, all this along with the presence of a waiting room designated for them in many airports in order to relax or work in a calm atmosphere.

Economy Class: Passengers of this class get clear distinction, as Oman Air has won several awards for Excellence in Economy Class. The economy class in Oman Air is distinguished by many advantages, including: having a comfortable space between the seats of 34 inches, the presence of screens installed on the back of some aircraft models to enjoy recreational materials, the possibility of using the Internet service (on some planes), the presence of an electrical power outlet, and the provision of meals Free drinks for them.

About Oman Air at the last time you arrived:

Awards received by Oman Air
2011 AD

Skytrax has classified Oman Air as a four-star airline.

The award for the best luxury airline in the Middle East, according to the classification of the British business travel magazine.
The award for the best business seat in the world, during the celebration of the Paris Air and Space Museum, during the Paris Air Show.
Award for the second best air carrier of the year 2011 AD, from Travel Trade Gazette (TTG).

Oman Airlines' training centers were among the 10 best training centers accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the Middle East region
2013 m
Best Airline in the Middle East category for Economy Class, by the World Travel Awards Foundation.
2014 m
The Best Airline in the Middle East Award for Business and Economy Class in the International Oscar Awards ceremony held in Dubai.
The award for the best airlines in the world, from. Business Insider Magazine 2014
2015 m
The Oman Air Company won the first place award at the level of the leading airlines in the Middle East for the business and tourism class categories, during the World Travel Awards in the Middle East.
2016 m
The Best Airline in Europe, Middle East and Africa Award at the Seven Star Hospitality Awards.
2017 m
Award for the best Arab air carrier in support of Arab tourism at the Arab Tourism Media Awards Oscars.