The last news of Oman today, the publications of the "Omani National Aviation" are an important statement to all travelers from a short time ago to avoid any interruption in terms of airline ticket reservations to and from Oman, and to any Arab or foreign countries, especially the country of Italy.

On the other hand, the Sultanate of Oman announced today the suspension of 50% of tourist flights from Italy to Salalah Airport, after the increase in the number of new infections of Corona virus in most Arab countries, some of Asia and some foreign countries such as Italy, according to the WHO. Globalization is in urgent news a little while ago, which has created a state of anxiety among most of the peoples of the world.

While the "Corona" virus appeared at the beginning in a fish market in Wuhan in the heart of China, then moved to many countries of the world, and infected tens of thousands, and more than a thousand people from different countries died from it and all this is due to the rapid spread of this virus, which A severe collapse in the economy threatens 80% of most of the world.

Where the sources stated in the World Health Organization that the active substance of this virus has already been erased, but the sources have confirmed that the global health has not finished the composition until now and that the active substance may be presented to the world at the end of this year 2020.

On the other hand, according to sources inside Egypt, the Ministry of Health announced in a joint statement with the World Health Organization today the discovery of the first injury of a foreign person, he was isolated, and all the places where he was present were sterilized, and he received the necessary medical care, then the ministry announced with the United Nations organization later It has recovered, been treated and has already recovered 100%.