An American passenger who attacked the crew of an American Airlines flight and tried to open the cabin door, the British newspaper "Daily Mail" reported, received a record fine.

Sky News reported that the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a large fine of approximately $82,000 on an unidentified woman, who was on a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte last July.

The problem started when the woman fell in the aisle, then a flight attendant tried to help her, but she refused and threatened to harm her. After an argument, I pushed her aside and tried to open the cabin door, where the pilot is.

Witnesses said at the time that the woman repeatedly hit the flight attendant, which necessitated the intervention of the flight crew to handcuff her and tape to prevent her from moving during the remainder of the flight.

A video clip that spread on “Tik Tok” showed the woman tied to one of the first-class seats, and after the plane landed in Charlotte, the woman was taken to the hospital to assess her health condition, before she was investigated.

The "Daily Mail" reported that the fine imposed on the passenger is the largest so far in the history of the Federal Aviation Administration.