Passenger plane evacuated after a report threatening the lives of passengers

The Kuwaiti "Jazeera" airline confirmed through its official account on Twitter that it had received a call stating that there was a bomb on board a plane belonging to the company, which forced it to make an emergency landing at the Turkish Trabzon Airport.

The company stated that out of the company's policy and concern for the safety of its passengers and crew, the contact was taken seriously, as usual, and the credibility of the information was investigated, as it turned out that this information was incorrect.

Jazeera Airways has contacted the local authorities in Kuwait and across the countries to which its flights are flying, and has been provided with information on all flights to conduct an investigation and examination on its aircraft as an additional precaution.”

It is worth noting that the Kuwaiti "Al-Jazeera" airline announced that the warning of a bomb on board a plane that landed at the Turkish Trabzon Airport is a false alarm.

For its part, the Turkish media confirmed that a plane belonging to the Kuwaiti Jazeera Airways made an emergency landing at Trabzon Airport, northeastern Turkey, after a bomb threat. The flights were temporarily suspended, and Trabzon Airport was closed to investigate a bomb warning on board one of the planes, according to Al Arabiya TV.