Police: Issuing a damage certificate for owners of damaged cars.. How to benefit from the service

The Fujairah Police General Command has called on all citizens and residents, whose vehicles were damaged and material losses due to the heavy rains that the country witnessed during the past few days, to apply for obtaining a certificate "regarding damage and damage to the vehicle due to rain" by entering the Ministry of Interior application for smart devices. and obtain a certificate.

Through its window on the social networking site “Twitter”, the police identified 4 steps to obtain the certificate, starting with the customer entering the Ministry of Interior “MOI UAE” application, then choosing the “Police station in your phone” service, then attaching photos of the vehicle including the number plate, then attaching a picture of Ownership of the damaged vehicle.


For her part, lawyer Abeer Al-Dahmani confirmed that insurance companies in the state are obligated to compensate for material losses caused by heavy rains on insured vehicles.

She cited an incident in which the Abu Dhabi Court issued a ruling, obligating an insurance company to pay to the owner of a modern Range Rover whose car was damaged after it was washed away by rain water during the past years. The wreck titling company.

She added: After the owner of the car reviewed the insurance company, the company wrote to the agency in order to assess the damage to his vehicle. The agency only estimated the damage to the vehicle and repaired it at an amount of (736,555 dirhams), which exceeds the total value of the vehicle at the time of its purchase, and thus the car is considered a total loss. For the repair value to exceed 50% of the actual value of the vehicle.

By reviewing the insurance company to fulfill its obligations imposed on it by the insurance policy, the company responded by refraining from paying the value of the car on the grounds that it does not cover the damages to the vehicle, claiming that the state was exposed to heavy rain that caused torrential rain, but the court obliged it to pay in accordance with the laws in force in this regard. .