Police set a fine of 400 dirhams for pedestrians who commit road crossing violations

In this context, Major Abdullah Salem Al-Mantheri, Head of Traffic and Patrols Section at Sharjah Police, said that in order to promote and spread the culture of traffic awareness in the commitment and adherence to traffic regulations, which ensure the safety of pedestrians on the road, and reduce run-over accidents, injuries and deaths, the Traffic and Patrols Department at the Sharjah Police General Command With a campaign under the title of pedestrian burrow.

In urgent news, the "Sharjah Police" issued a new warning to the public of citizens and residents, after imposing a fine of 400 dirhams for pedestrians not adhering to traffic lights when crossing the road.

Al-Mandhari stated that the aim of this campaign is to reach the highest levels of traffic safety for all road users, which embodies the vision of the Sharjah Police, which is consistent with the strategic objective of the Ministry of Interior, which aims to make roads safer.

The campaign targeted road users of "pedestrians" by publishing awareness materials through driving accounts on social media platforms, and news sites in several languages ​​"Arabic, English, and Urdu", which reached 17,000 people.

Al-Mandhari also stressed that the safety of pedestrians on the road is a shared responsibility between road users and pedestrians, and road users have a major role in achieving safety through caution and attention while crossing the road.

It is worth noting that the intensification of traffic campaigns throughout the year, is aimed at educating members of society, which is based on the statistics of the past year, which contributes to finding solutions to some of the observations that were previously monitored, according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.