new holiday

The preparations for the "new holiday" and the extension of working hours for employees in the United Arab Emirates were revealed, as well as the shopping centers that prepared special offers to suit the work system, holidays and extending working hours.

In this context, officials in commercial centers, in addition to retail trade, have clarified that the system that was recently adopted in the Emirates regarding work, vacation and weekly working hours for workers in the country is expected to be a great supporter of commercial activity and the attendance of restaurants and cafes by up to 15%.

In this context, the department stores announced their readiness to comply with the new system with a set of offers and discounts during the weekend.

The stores also decided to work to extend working hours after expectations that new changes will occur in the behavior of consumers. It is expected that the times of frequenting commercial centers and shopping centers will increase, and that Friday, Saturday and Sunday will witness an increase in purchase rates instead of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as the length of the holiday period each week will be granted Consumers have a longer rest time.