A statement of the prices of updating traffic violations for the new 2020 in Saudi Arabia

Traffic fines prices 2020 In Saudi Arabia, the prices of traffic fines vary according to the type of each violation. In this regard, we will discuss the prices of new traffic violations according to the type of violation.

You can identify the traffic violations from your place through the new traffic violation system on the Ministry of Interior's portal, through the Absher e-service.This is done in a few simple steps.You can query the traffic violations by the ID number and you will immediately see the details of the traffic violations and the fines prices and what is the violation.

Prices of traffic violations 2020
Determining the type of violation is what determines the prices, where checkpoints or surveillance cameras and radars on the road to capture the violation and recorded electronically on the Absher service, and by logging on to Absher you can inquire about the traffic violations registered to you or a family member.

Traffic fines ranging from SR 5000 to SR 10,000.
1. Blur or attempt to obliterate the definition of the vehicle "with the reservation of the vehicle to remove the violation".

2 - Driving the vehicle under the influence of intoxicating or anesthetic or any type of narcotic drugs.

3. Carry out work on the road before coordinating with the competent department.

Traffic fines ranging from SR 3000 to SR 6000.

Thus, you can find out the prices of new traffic violations through the pictures shown above, as we mentioned that the Ministry of Interior made available through Absher service to query traffic violations.

In September, Shura Council deputies called for a maximum of annual fines, which a person receives as a result of traffic violations within a year.

Update: The Saudi National Portal provides a lot of electronic services pertaining to traffic, where the General Security has put the service to query traffic violations and objection to it, and the service of renewing driving licenses, and internal and external authorization of vehicles for individuals, all you need to benefit from these services is to register on Absher Create your own account on Absher.