Corona virus
Corona virus

A new statement from the Emirates on preventing entry of owners of valid residence to the country, after the UAE suspended the entry of holders of valid residence abroad. Law exempting violators of the residence law without a fine .. Details, as the government decision in Kuwait approached a law to exempt violators of the residence law without fines soon.

In Kuwait: An informed security source revealed that the Council of Ministers will soon decide on a law that includes exempting violators of the residence law from leaving Kuwait without paying their fines with the possibility of returning to Kuwait later, likely that the law will be issued within the coming period so that about 160,000 expatriates can violate the law Residence in the country from departure to their countries

The source said that the law expected to be passed is an opportunity and may not be repeated later, stressing that whenever the law is issued, a memo will be issued with him explaining how violators benefit from it.

It is noteworthy that the last law decree exempting violators of the residence law from paying the fines resulting from their violation with the possibility of return, was issued in January 2018, and the decision stipulated that the violator can complete his travel procedures from any of the designated ports directly and without obtaining approval from any other party, what It was not required for a security authority or travel ban.

In the United Arab Emirates: The UAE has decided to "suspend" entry of holders of valid residency residing outside the country, starting on Thursday, March 19, 2020, at exactly twelve o'clock in the afternoon until two weeks, renewable according to health and epidemiological developments due to the spread of Corona virus and as a precautionary measure to preserve their health and safety.

In Oman: The Omani authorities decided to deport the tourists immediately from the country.