Providing 100 scholarships for citizens and residents with conditions

The Mohamed bin Zayed University for Human Sciences announced the allocation of 100 scholarships to outstanding students from inside and outside the country, including the top secondary school students, in addition to an encouraging financial reward for students based on their cumulative academic scores, noting that registration is open for students in all disciplines, with access to programs available. The accredited academy has via the university's website.

The university has set the conditions for admission and registration in its programs, which include the students’ familiarity with the relevant scientific, linguistic and specialized skills. Vital academic disciplines and the number of students joining them, and in response to the desires of students who are eager to join the scientific programs of the university, and aspire to study the humanities, which have become an indispensable necessity at the present time.

The President of the University, Dr. Khaled Al Yabhouni Al Dhaheri, stressed that the allocation of scholarships to outstanding students comes in the context of the university’s keenness to support and motivate students to achieve scientific excellence and academic excellence.

He added that the granting of scientific excellence will be subject to competitive requirements set by the university to attract highly qualified people inside and outside the country.

Al Dhaheri explained that the Mohammed bin Zayed University for Human Sciences is on the verge of a new phase of enhancing its academic mission, and moving to an advanced stage of expansion and proliferation by attracting more students to join its civilized and human race, by providing the opportunity for the largest number of students to join its scientific and academic courses, and its specializations. Major in the fields of Islamic studies, Arabic language, philosophy, tolerance, humanities and preserving the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul.

Al Dhaheri said: "The university took this step based on field studies that showed that large numbers of students want to enroll in and graduate from the university's programs," noting that in the future these students will carry the university's message to their local communities in their countries in a civilized and humane way, and achieve its vision in spreading The virtues of tolerance, love and respect for human rights, and upholding the values ​​of moderation, moderation and openness to the different cultures and peoples of the world.