Emirati judiciary
Emirati judiciary

Imprisonment and deportation, and 40 thousand fines for an Arab who causes a permanent deformation to his company manager.

Ajman Criminal Court sentenced the Arab accused "H," of the age of 26 years to 6 months in prison and a fine of 40,000 dirhams, for causing permanent disability to the owner of the private company he works for on the pretext of not handing over his passport, and not allowing him to transfer bail. The court decided to deport the accused after the end of the sentence.

The details of the incident are due to the receipt of a phone signal to the police operations department, which indicates that there was a fight between two people in one of the residential buildings in the Rashidiya area. The patrol moved, and it became clear that the victim had been assaulted by the accused, following a dispute between them and the accused was arrested.

By asking the defendant in the Public Prosecution investigation, he confessed to the charge against him and admitted that he had beaten the victim. Where he waited for him in the private parking of the building where he lives and when he arrived, he assaulted him, at eleven o'clock at night. The defendant admitted that he had punched several punches on his face. And that the attack was due to the refusal of the victim to hand him over his passport and not allow him to conduct his transfer of bail, as he is a partner in the company he works for.

By asking the victim, he stated that he was interested in entering the elevator he and his wife, and at that point the accused hinted hiding behind a concrete pillar with a hand in his hand. Then he hit him with iron and punched him in the face, as he hit him hard in a sensitive place in his body. The victim tried to defend himself as possible and held the aggressor until the police came. And the one who called her was the building guard.