Qatar introduces new penalties for expats
Qatar introduces new penalties for expats

Qatar News is a statement today, just a short time ago, the State of Qatar issued a statement with the names of the professions that are being carried out in the near future. In any case, deportation is carried out, regardless of the nationality and the need of the State of Qatar.

The sources told this newspaper Al-Wasat this morning about an important statement from the Emir of the State of Qatar, and the statement states the following:

1- Anyone who violates traffic inside Qatar, has already been fined and until the day the payment of the fine has not been paid, then the competent authority must announce that he pays or the visa will be stopped immediately, and his place inside Qatar will happen again.

2- To anyone who violates the law or on any judicial rulings, he must go to the government and settle a situation, and if a situation is not resolved on an unspecified day, one day he will be transferred to any government agency, he will be arrested immediately, and while Deportation immediately.

On the other hand, Prince Tamim mentioned in the same speech as an expatriate, that the amendment decisions have been prolonged, and there must be a pause for beginnings with him to settle the conditions of the expatriate workers, and many professions not included in the list of professions expected within the Qatari Ministry of Labor.

In a continuous tomorrow, and as a continuation of the series of continuous amendments from Prince Tamim initiated by the Ministry of Labor, decisions took place, including those that have been worked on, and those who have yet to wait for some new sectors to provide job opportunities and vacancies for citizens in various regions of Doha as well as the unemployed.

As it was signed by the Emir of the country today to implement some new amendments in the Qatari labor law, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development signed a memorandum of understanding with a number of competent authorities in Qatar, due to the directives of the Emir of the country.

While the sources indicated to Al-Wasat newspaper inside Qatar today that the prince is starting with new amendments, the state budget is already being raised, new adjustments are made in wages and salaries, and the salaries of all state employees are reviewed, and indeed the prince has started to look at the file of state employees such as bank employees And free banks.