Qatar sets conditions for political asylum for 2020
Qatar sets conditions for political asylum for 2020

Latest News Qatar issued Qatar today issued a statement important to the competent authorities in Oqtr, a decision to allow all ordinary residents in three Gulf states to enter Qatar through a number of border crossing points, and give them a free visa on behalf of "an event," The decision to support the conclusion of the season Leading the Sunnah, and developing more facilities that contribute to attracting tourists to attend these events and achieve tourism growth within Qatar.

Okdat sources informed the official newspaper in Qatar that the competent authorities have identified only three days to grant visa free to residents of three Gulf states: the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, which coincided this period with another holiday weekly during beckons Thursday and Friday, which ended on Saturday, While the departments concerned with these border outlets received a generalization to implement all these requirements The resolution, and the granting of the population of these three countries visa-free to attend the event, and make all necessary to serve tourists crossing facilities.
This decision coincides with the end of the Riyadh season through the Music Festival «MDL Beast», which was held for the first time in the world, from 19 to December 21, the group of music, art and culture, and this event Aldala prominent is the culmination of the success of the «Riyadh season» which exceeded The number of visitors is 10 million, from different countries.
Qatar today achieved a growth of tourism remarkable and unique after the tourist visa for some Arab countries work, which allows citizens of 49 countries Login without prior visa to the Kingdom of the system was launched, through the website or upon arrival, and the cost of the visa three hundred dinars, in addition to the amount of 140 dinars for health insurance .
So that the total 440 dinars per tourist value, in addition to the added value and the transaction fee, while decided that the period of validity of the visa will be 360 ​​days from the date of issue, and will be a period of residence in Qatar 90 days per visit, and do not exceed 180 days during one year from the issue date .