Qatar Traffic clarifies the truth about what is being circulated regarding the amendment of traffic violations.
Qatar Traffic clarifies the truth about what is being circulated regarding the amendment of traffic violations.

The General Administration of Traffic clarified the truth of what was circulated regarding the amendment of traffic violations, stressing the disadvantage of the evil.

Wrote via her passage of the State of Qatar site Twitter yesterday evening about what is traded on the modification of the traffic violations is not true, and we hope everyone drawn news from official sources through traffic accounts in social networking sites.
It is reported that the Ministry of Interior launched last July the service of interception and reporting of traffic violations through Matarash 2.
The first service through the application to submit an objection to traffic violations to the department concerned, through a letter addressed to the Department of irregularities, within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of registration of the offense, whether manual or radar or by security cameras, where the section on offenses to respond by A text message, stating that the violation is valid, within a period not exceeding 30 days. Akh recording objection. If the violation is not correct, it will be preserved and will not have any effect.
And it allows the second service, reporting traffic violations through the window "Connect with us", whether irregularities in the River Road or any other place, by filming the car infringing image clear, specifying the place and time of the offense, and send them through the application of Mtarah 2 "where they are audited by Section Violations to Edit the Violation ”.
The Ministry of the Interior on the first of August implementing the provisions of the special traffic law violations pedestrian and activated, in a move that the ministry is seeking them to preserve lives, and to promote discipline in traffic street, trapping random crossing on the main streets, and the organization of this form that meets the requirements of modern cities.
Violations, which are recorded on the personal number of the violators, include 3 categories:
* The first is related to walking in the riverside road, or in the places designated for the walking of bicycles, and the lack of commitment to the fullest and clear path.
* The second relates to the violation of “not being careful when crossing the river’s river” and its value is 200 riyals.
* Third relate to those who did not follow the light signal pedestrian or transit in the case was a signal man or traffic Asaker in the streets and intersections allow vehicles to walk, or when you penetrate the infantry military rows and processions, and the violation of the value of SR 500.