Saudi Aviation
Saudi Aviation

Saudi Airlines revealed this morning, Tuesday, a new initiative by the Saudi Aviation Authority regarding recent reports regarding prices for airline tickets 2020, after the end of the emerging Corona virus crisis.

This morning, Tuesday, 8/18/2020, the Deputy Executive Director of the Airport Application Company, "Faisal Al-Rajhi," revealed his expectations for an increase in airline tickets and costs for all flights during the next phase when international flights start work.

In the same context, it was done because of the huge cost that huge sums are being spent on in all the precautionary measures that the Saudi government follows in cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Health in order not to spread the Corona virus, since the start of facilitating domestic flights in Saudi Arabia.

And that this cost is taking place either inside Saudi Arabia in particular or outside Saudi Arabia in all around the world in general in light of the spread of the new Corona virus, and during the past three months many airlines have tried to compensate for their losses, and it seems that this sector will not return to me after the end of the Corona virus forever.

And Faisal Al-Rajhi said in an interview with the correspondent of Al-Wasat newspaper during his participation in the "Ya Hala" program that it is indeed expected during the coming period to increase air prices in order to compensate for the economic losses of institutions and countries due to the application of precautionary measures and divergence.

Also, Faisal Al-Rajhi talked about hotel prices, which will decrease in the coming period in Saudi Arabia and in all countries of the world, as he said, unlike airline prices.

At the end of the conversation, Faisal Al-Rajhi concluded the journalist's dialogue with the need for Arab countries to come together to pass very quickly from the current crisis in order to save the aviation and tourism sector, especially with the continuing global epidemic of Corona.

In the past period, the Civil Aviation Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia denied the image of the circulated tweet attributed to the Saudi Press Agency, which indicates an 80% increase in airline ticket prices during the coming period.

And there was a lot of talk in those tweets that stipulated an increase in the prices of domestic air tickets in Saudi Arabia during the coming period, reaching eighty percent of their actual value.

On the one hand, the Civil Aviation Authority’s spokesman, Ibrahim, the heads of state, stated that there is no truth to what was circulated about the increase in domestic flight prices, stressing that what was circulated on social media were “fabricated texts” and had no truth, calling for accuracy and credibility. , And refer to the official sources of news.

It should be noted that the Civil Aviation Authority has resumed flights within Saudi Arabia, starting next Sunday, May 31, 2020, and for international flights, the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority has indicated that international flights have not operated until that moment.