Saudi Arabia decides to cancel a worker visa and apply a professional examination to expatriate workers at nominal fees
Saudi Arabia decides to cancel a worker visa and apply a professional examination to expatriate workers at nominal fees

The Saudi authorities, represented by the Saudi Ministry of Labor, issued a decision to permanently cancel the profession of a worker’s profession and to start applying the professional examination to expatriate workers at nominal fees starting from the New Year 2020, important for all expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia issued a decision to cancel the worker visa permanently, and to reveal the fees and expatriate nationalities to which the professional examination will apply.
Saudi Arabia A decision to cancel a worker’s visa for a worker permanently soon, and to start applying the professional examination to migrant workers from these countries at nominal fees, starting from 2020

Saudi Ministry of Labor - Naif Al-Omair, director of the professional examination program at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, said that the application of the professional examination program will be optional for a year, starting next December, before it is mandatory.

⏏ Professional examination program fees

He added on the sidelines of a workshop yesterday in the Eastern Chamber to review the details and developments of the vocational examination program, that the fees for the vocational examination program will range between 450 and 600 riyals internally, while externally it will be between 100 and 150 riyals, within selected centers abroad, and will be launched first on labor coming from India Out of seven countries, due to the high number of labor received from them. He explained that the seven countries are: India in the first stage, then the Philippines for the second stage, and the third and fourth stages Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Egypt, Bangladesh and Pakistan, where the employment of these countries constitutes 95% of the number of professional manpower received. According to the economy.

السبا The plumbing and electrical professions

He pointed out that the beginning will be from the plumbing and electricity professions, next December, which numbered more than 200 thousand workers in the market, the second stage in April 2020 in the professions (refrigeration and air conditioning, automobile electricity and mechanics), and the third stage in July 2020 for the professions (carpentry, Blacksmithing, welding), and the fourth stage in October 2020 for occupations (coating, tiling), and finally in January 2021 for occupations (construction, plumbing, and technicians). He explained that certificates will be granted to the worker, valid for a period of five years, and a certificate for the facility when examining more than 50% of its workforce.

⏏ Cancellation of a worker or worker visa or profession

He stressed that the program will be mandatory as a requirement for future work in the Kingdom, changing professions, and renewal, as well as an accreditation platform for entering government tenders, and the visa issuance system. He added: The Ministry is working on a program for classifying occupations and structuring some professions and their names in residencies and visas, indicating that a visa or profession of a worker or worker will be permanently canceled from the ministry’s system in the future, which requires that professions be modified by companies.

Source: Saudi Ministry of Labor