The Royal Court of Saudi Arabia sets a new fee for every passenger from the Saudi airport

The Saudi Royal Court announced today that the Saudi civil aviation authorities will impose new duties on every passenger on domestic flights starting with the beginning of the new 2020.

On the other hand, the Royal Court added to Al-Wasat newspaper this morning, citing unnamed sources that the fees, which will come into effect as of January 10, will be collected for the use of airport facilities and will be directed to financing projects to develop infrastructure and improve services.

Some official sources within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that the fees will be added to the ticket price and will be reviewed every three years, according to the report for 2019, and indeed based on this report is adding new fees for each flight and therefore apply to each individual traveling abroad.

"There will be direct coordination between airlines operating at airports and financial departments in the new year to improve the situation and to adjust the conditions of advertising flights, whether tourism or pilgrimage, and overhaul at these airports on the relevant financial charges," the paper quoted a source as saying.

On the other hand in this statement, the Saudi government indicated that four categories of persons will be exempted from the fees, namely: children, transit passengers who stayed inside the plane, pilots and air service crews are exempted from the fees.

At the beginning of the new year 2020, Saudi airports are expected to handle 2.6 million passengers on 29,935 domestic flights, according to figures from the General Authority of Civil Aviation in the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a new tourist visa system aimed at attracting foreign tourists from all over the world to the country as part of a plan to diversify its economy and expand the income of investment in Saudi Arabia.