Saudi authorities grant privileged residency to 19 nationalities of applicants for residency

Saudi Arabia has granted a number of applicants for privileged accommodation approval for their applications after reviewing their applications, according to the Center for Excellence in Saudi Arabia.

The Center for Distinguished Residency in Saudi Arabia, revealed the first batch of applicants for privileged residence, who met the requirements of the system.

The first batch of holders of special residency included a number of residents in Saudi Arabia and others from abroad, and their applications for study and treatment have been represented over the past months, according to the procedures of the Center.

A total of 73 people, representing 19 nationalities, received special residency in this group, ranging from investors to doctors and willing to settle with their families.

The Center directed to receive thousands of applications through its electronic platform from inside and outside Saudi Arabia, during the past months, where specialized teams from the Center to study the applications and communicate with the applicants and ensure the conformity and fulfillment of conditions, as defined by the system of distinctive residence.
Continue to grant special accommodation

Bandar bin Sulaiman Al-Ayed, CEO of the Center for Excellence, said in a report published by the Saudi Press Agency that the Kingdom welcomes all of our brothers and friends residing in the Kingdom or those who want to come and live on its territory, as active partners in the Saudi society, feel the stability, security and well-being. The distinctive residence of its holders is to live in a vibrant and prosperous society, with the freedom to invest in multiple sectors, in light of the rapid growth of opportunities led by the executive programs of the Kingdom's ambitious vision.

He stressed that the process of applying for a special residency is available to anyone who completes the relevant conditions, through the electronic platform Sabrc, noting that the Center continues to grant privileged residency to other batches of applicants once the processing of their applications and meet the necessary conditions.