Mohammed bin Salman new decisions to modify the status of expatriates

Saudi Council of Ministers announced today three new resolutions Saudi Arabia announced several good news and good news is to reduce the family visit visa fees and make it 300 riyals as a flat rate for the whole family and then announced that it will pay the labor fees for 5 years.

In a related context, good news that explains the issuance of expatriates and alleviates the suffering of the expatriates. We also talked about the replacement of the sponsor system by 2020, and we will talk about the details in this report.

On the other hand, the source pointed out that the current situation does not allow to increase the fees of expatriates, but will remain the same, although in the current period, the subject and its developments are reviewed for presentation to the Council, while no amendments have been announced regarding the fees of expatriates, except the last amendment that came on fees Financial remuneration for labor.

The source pointed out that Saudi Arabia will review these fees, but it is unlikely to be canceled altogether, but may be reconsidered and restructured, after Saudi Arabia imposed the collection of accompanying fees on resident labor within the Kingdom as part of its program to achieve financial balance for the Kingdom.

As for the fees, the Saudi government, after the decision of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to pay labor fees for expatriates for a period of five years, provided that the Saudi government bears those financial burdens.

Expatriates have expressed great joy at these changes, which are considered to be attribution from the state and stand with them in the most difficult times, but the expatriates are now awaiting the final decisions after the study is being made on some decisions on fees and visa fees.