Saudi passports
Saudi passports

After the directives of King Salman, may God preserve him and sponsors, in order to provide great facilities for all expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia and all citizens, and for the state's support for the public sector and the private sector in order to limit the spread of Corona virus, there are instructions regarding exit and travel of expatriates in emergency cases.

In this regard, in order to achieve this, it will require some procedures, which all expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia are supposed to adhere to in order to complete them fully.

In that report via Al-Wasat newspaper, we will explain to you 4 conditions for whoever wishes to travel and return again to his country, or to issue a final exit visa from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the fees starting from 1 - 9 - 2020 where the fees are supposed to remain the same without any increase On them or only raise airline ticket fees may be a little something.

In this regard, the first final exit procedures for all expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia, which came as follows:

Ensure that your traffic record is free from traffic violations.

- The presence of the employer or his representative under an official or legitimate agency.

Bring the original passport of the applicant, bring the original valid residence permit.

As for all the procedures that the expatriate must do are: -

Fill out the application form for that.

- Book bags early.

Check the weather.

Pay the outstanding bills.