close  borders
close borders

7 Arab countries close their borders completely to flights.

In response to the spread of the new Corona virus (COFED-19), more countries impose travel and immigration restrictions, and airlines have had to cancel thousands of flights in order to comply with regulatory directives or operational requirements issued by governments and authorities around the world, 7 Arab countries have completely closed their borders to you In front of regular flights:


The suspension of civil flights through the country's airports, in an effort to contain the outbreak of the Corona virus, and the decision to suspend domestic and foreign flights, until March 24.


Suspension of all flights to and from the Kingdom until further notice, with the exception of commercial freight traffic, and accordingly all border crossings of the land and sea kingdom and airports are closed to passenger traffic.

- Saudi

Saudi Arabia decided to suspend international flights to all airports in the Kingdom from the middle of this month for a period of two weeks.

-  Egypt

Egypt announced the suspension of air traffic at all airports, from Thursday to the end of this month.

- Morocco, West, sunset

The Moroccan authorities decided to stop all international flights to and from its territories "until further notice", and earlier Saturday, Morocco announced the suspension of flights with 21 Arab and foreign countries.


Close all airports and crossings except for aid and commercial shipping, amid fears of an outbreak of the virus.


The suspension of commercial flights, to and from Kuwait International Airport, and the decision excludes flights carrying citizens and air freight.